Grubbel McBorgel's Two handed Warrior Guide v. 1.0


Hello and welcome to my two handed Warrior guide! In this guide I will give advice on stats and training for a two handed Warrior. Everything in this guide is based upon my experience and should not be taken as law. Things change everyday and what I might say today could be wrong tomorrow, So I will try to keep this guide as up to date as possible. Now lets get started.

The Character Manager

When rolling your statistics it is a good idea to get a total roll of 620 or more. Having a high roll will give you lots of training points (TP's) which will allow you better training. Before I give my advice for stat placement I will briefly describe what each stat does for you.

Constitution- This stat helps determine your starting Health Points, and along with race, determines your Health Point maximum. Constitution also plays a part in poison and disease resistance. This stat will grow very quickly for you. Being a Warrior, you get an automatic +10 added to this roll.

Dexterity- Dexterity plays a role in lowering your round time for swinging weapons. This stat also plays a part in dodging maneuver attacks and helps in skinning critters.

Discipline- Discipline is an important stat because it counts for Physical training points (PTP) and Mental training points (MTP). Having a high number in discipline is nice because it will allow you to have more TP's to work with.

Logic- Logic determines how much experience (EXP) your mind can hold, along with how fast you absorb said EXP.

Intelligence- Intelligence plays a role somewhat like Logic. It determines how much EXP your mind can hold and how fast you absorb it.

Strength- This stat determines your base attack strength (AS). It also plays a role in how much weight you can carry before you become encumbered. This stat will grow very quickly for you. Being a Warrior, you get an automatic +10 added to this role.

Reflex- Reflex decides your base defensive strength (DS). Reflex also helps lower your round time when swinging weapons.

Charisma- Hmm..Charisma. Charisma does not do a whole lot to be honest.

Wisdom- Wisdom does not do much for Warriors either. It determines your defense against spiritual warding spells.

Aura- Like Discipline, Aura counts for both PTP and MTP. Aura determines your mana and spirit points also. This stat also gives you your defense against elemental warding attacks.

With that out of the way, I will now give my suggestions on stat placement. I have two different orders for your stats depending on which race you choose.

Stat placement

Aura, Discipline, Reflex, Dexterity, Strength, Logic, Intelligence, Wisdom, Charisma, and Constitution.
(Note: If you are a Halfling Warrior it would be a very good idea to move Strength into either the Reflex or Dexterity spot.)


Now that you have your stats it is time to get skills. Here is what to train in..

Base Skills

Armor Use- Train in this two times per level. You may wish to start tripling later in life, but doubling will be good enough to get started.

Shield Use- Shield Use!? Why do you need Shield Use if your going to be a two handed Warrior!? I'l tell ya why. There are going to be some times when it is just not possible to hunt using two handed weapons. At those times it is nice to be able to fall back on a one handed sword and shield. Train in this two times per level.

Combat Manuevers- Train in this skill two times per level. For every two ranks of this skill you will get +1 added to your AS. Combat Manuevers also helps in dodging manuever attacks.
(Note: It is possible to get by with singling, But think about it in the longrun. At level 49 a singler will have a +25 bonus to AS while the doubler will have a +50 bonus. The choice is yours.)

Edged / Blunt Weapon- Pick one and train in it twice per level. This is a good skill to have when hunting with two handed weapons is not an option.

Two Handed Weapon Use- Train in this twice per level.

Physical Training- Train in this twice per level until you max out your Health Points.

Secondary Skills

Train in these skills with whatever extra TP's you have.

Ambush- This skill allows you to aim our weapon at certain parts of the body. Aiming a two handed weapon at somthings head usually has the same result..The thing dies. Get as much ambush as possible.

Climbing and Swimming- These skills are pretty self explanatory. In your later years there are many places that are only accessible with a lot of Climbing / Swimming skill.

First Aid- This skill will let you tend the bleeders that you will get. Also plays a role in skinning critters.

Stalking and Hiding- Many people will disagree with me on this one...But I think it is a good idea. Things can't kill you if they can't see you.

The weapons

As a two handed warrior you will live and die by your weapon(s). Here I will list the various two handed and one handed weapons that can be found in the lands.
(I am still working on the OHE, OHB, and Pole arm sections)

Two handed weapons

The two handed sword- Exactly what the name implies. A large two handed sword. A good choice for the player just starting out.

The battle axe- Again, Exactly as the name implies. A large dual bladed axe.

The flail- The flail is actually what most people think is a morning star. A large spiked ball which is attached to a length of chain which is then attached to a handle.

The flamberge- Flamberged is actually a way used to describe the shape of this weapons blade. It is a two handed sword with a wavy blade.

The war mattock- This is one that I have no idea how to describe because I have never seen one. If you can describe this blade for me send me a note

The military pick- This is one that I have no idea how to describe because I have never seen one. If you can describe this blade for me send me a note

The claidhmore- The claidhmore. The claidhmore is one of the two most fearsome weapons in GSIII. This weapon has the most critical weighting of any weapon in the game. Claidhmore is actually Gaelic for two handed sword.

What to hunt

Now that you have stats, skills, and gear..It's time to venture out into the world around you.

Level 0: Go to all the locations listed on the DIR map. This will give you enough EXP to get to level 1.

Level 1 - 4: Kobolds, Rats, Cave Gnomes, Sea Nymphs, Squirrels, Salamanders..There are many critters to hunt at these ages. You will just have to experiment and find out which ones are for you.

Level 5 - 8: Lesser Orcs, Greater Orcs, Forest Trolls, and Cockatrices are good prey at this point. Now is a good time to practice your stance dancing.

Level 9 - 12: Hill Trolls and Cave Trolls are good at this point. You could probably handle Dark Orcs as well.

Level 13 - 17: You have many choices on what to hunt at this age. Titans, War Trolls, Mountain Ogres, Krolvin Warriors and Mercanaries are just a few.

Level 18 - 25: Steel Golems, Krolvin Warfarers, and Centaurs are good at this age.
I will stop there because at this point you should know what critters you can handle.

This Guide is nowhere near complete.
Still to come..Sections on DFredux, Hunting Strategies, The Warriors Guild, and a couple others.
If you see anything in this guide that is wrong, or you just want to make comments send them my way at

Constructive criticism is always nice.

Grubbel McBorgel