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Welcome to my pages all about Gemstone III. The award winning GemStone III is my favorite game. It is a text-based, multiplayer fantasy role-playing game and the world's most popular online game. Since its debut in 1987 GemStone III has gone unmatched in size, scope and depth and has been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic gamers. With a staff of over 100 professional GameMasters working day and night, GemStone III is continually improving and expanding to meet your needs and wishes.

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Ahh, one of my favorite topics; Profession guides. Of these that you'll read you'll find only the best guides ever written (in my opinion). Feel free to take a peek at what I have.


As you may have noticed, I only pick the best, so don't be shy, explore!
Gemstone III News
Tsoran's Maps
The Unofficial Gemstone III Bulletin Boards
Galadriel's Warrior Pages
Grubbel's Gemstone III Page

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Gemstone III is the most popular multiplayer game ever.

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