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Award winning GemStone III is a text-based, multiplayer fantasy role-playing game and the world's most popular online game. Since its debut in 1987 GemStone III has gone unmatched in size, scope and depth and has been enjoyed by hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic gamers. With a staff of over 100 professional GameMasters working day and night, GemStone III is continually improving and expanding to meet your needs and wishes.

Imagine a world of magic, where monsters and evil are a constant threat. Your only hope for survival: hone your abilities and team up with powerful friends. This is a world where hundreds of thousands of real people come to experience the power of fantasy and friendship. This is the world of GemStone III.

Gemstone III FAQ's

Beginner information on Gemstone III


GemStone III is a Simutronics® game and trademark of the Simutronics Corporation, all rights reserved.  GemStone III is copyright 1987-1998 by Simutronics Corp.